Teaching Faculty

BTEC’s highly qualified scientists, engineers, and operations staff carry out the center’s programs. Many have extensive experience with leading biomanufacturing companies.

Name Position Phone Email
Ryan Barton, Ph.D. Sr. Scientist, Automation, Bioproces Engineering 919-513-0969
Susan Bernacki, Ph.D. Research Associate, Biomedical Engineering 919-513-7710
Krisstina Burgess, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Downstream 919-515-0222
Ruben Carbonell, Ph.D. BTEC Distinguished Fellow 919-515-5118
Kirill Efimenko, Ph.D. Research Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 919-513-0548
Driss Elhanafi, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Cell Line Development 919-513-8236
Gary Gilleskie, Ph.D. Executive Director 919-515-0176
Cyndell Gracieux-Singleton, Ph.D. Manager, Analytical 919-513-2196
Stefano Menegatti, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 919-515-6398
Danny Monroe, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Academic Programs 919-513-2195
Paul Mozdziak, Ph.D. Professor, Poultry Science 919-515-5544
Laurie Overton Senior Scientist, Cell Culture 919-513-8237
Jennifer Pancorbo, Ph.D. Director, Industry Programs and Research 919-515-0215
Balaji Rao, Ph.D. Director, Academic Programs 919-515-0175
Deepa Sambandan, Ph.D. Research Program Manager 919-515-0166
Kurt Selle, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Fermentation and Cell Line Development 919-515-4797
John Sheppard, Ph.D. Professor, Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences 919-513-0802
John van Zanten, Ph.D. Teaching Assistant Professor 919-515-0217
Haiwei Zhang Scientist III, Bioprocess Services 919-513-1699
Michael Flickinger, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus

BTEC Fellows

Name Title
Ray Anover Director, CMC and Technical Operations, Veloxis Pharmaceuticals
Lucia Clontz, MS, D. H.Sc. Former Site Quality Head, Xellia Pharmaceuticals
Marcello Fidaleo, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department for Innovation in Biological, Agro-Food and Forest Systems, University of Tuscia, Italy
Paula Keith, Ph.D. Founder, BioLogic Solutions, LLC
Frederick W. Porter, Ph.D. Senior Vice President of Technical Development and Manufacturing Gene Therapy, BridgeBio Pharma
Dale Pulczinski Director of Aseptic Production, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals
Saly Romero-Torres, Ph.D. Senior Manager of Process Data Analytics, Biogen RTP
Juan Torres, Ph.D. Senior Vice-President of Global Quality and Chief Quality Officer for Biogen