Gary Gilleskie, Ph.D.








BTEC 192

Since joining BTEC in 2007, Gary Gilleskie has served in a number of positions, including director of operations from 2012–2017, and is currently BTEC’s acting director.

Dr. Gilleskie’s work focuses on the area of downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals, including protein therapeutics and vaccines. While at BTEC, he has developed and taught numerous courses focused on downstream bioprocessing, for audiences ranging from NC State students to industry professionals to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. He also started BTEC’s bioprocess services program and has collaborated with a number of external organizations on developing processes and new bioprocessing technologies.

Dr. Gilleskie serves as a member and past chair of the steering committee of the Biomanufacturing and Process Development (BPD) Group, an exchange group through the North Carolina Biotechnology Center that provides a forum for scientists and engineers to discuss bioprocessing topics. He also serves as co-chair of the Sustainable Skilled Workforce Committee of the Bio-Process Systems Alliance (BPSA), an organization that encourages adoption of single-use biomanufacturing technologies.

Prior to joining BTEC, Dr. Gilleskie spent 15 years in both the chemical and biopharmaceutical industries. His biopharmaceutical experience comes from working for Bayer, in their plasma fractionation business unit, and Diosynth Biotechnology, a contract manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals. While at Diosynth, he managed downstream process development and cGMP manufacturing groups. He was involved in the development and manufacture of more than 10 different protein therapeutics produced in a variety of host systems.

Dr. Gilleskie received his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from NC State in 1986 and his doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1993.