Scholarship information for students


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Established in fall 2008, the BTEC scholarship program provides financial assistance to selected students pursuing an undergraduate minor in biomanufacturing. Scholarships are funded by biomanufacturing and biotechnology companies that do business in the RTP area and beyond. Currently, scholarships are between $2,000–$3,000 per academic year. See a list of current and previous sponsors.


To be considered for a BTEC scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

Sponsors may specify additional requirements, such as:

  • Specific majors (e.g., engineering and/or life sciences)
  • Junior and senior standing only
  • Merit based
  • Financial need

Students may be awarded only one BTEC scholarship per academic year. Funds are disbursed on a semester basis to the recipient's university account. Students who are attending for only one semester during an academic year are still eligible for a BTEC scholarship as long as they meet all eligibility requirements.

Apply for a BTEC Scholarship

To be considered for a BTEC scholarship, students need to register with Pack Assist and fill out the general scholarship application. There is not a specific application for BTEC scholarships, so it is important to fill out the essay portion indicating your interest in biomanufacturing. It’s recommended applications be submitted before the Feb. 15 priority deadline.

The scholarship committee considers the following items when selecting recipients:

  • Specific requirements based on scholarship sponsor
  • Interest in careers in biomanufacturing, evaluated through scholarship essay, co-curricular activities, and internships
  • Overall GPA and/or grades in BEC courses

Networking and responsibilities

Receiving a BTEC scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students to network with their sponsor. As such, we ask that students send a thank-you letter to their sponsor. In addition, students typically have an opportunity to attend a networking event with BTEC scholarship sponsors.


Students with questions about scholarship eligibility may contact the manager of student programs.