Academic Programs

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An international leader in educating and training in biomanufacturing and bioprocessing

BTEC offers a variety of academic programs at the undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate levels that utilize its state-of-the-art facilities. BTEC students have a variety of backgrounds including engineering, the life sciences, and chemistry.

Current NC State University undergraduates can declare biomanufacturing as their minor or complete a certificate in biomanufacturing, and students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering can earn a concentration in biomanufacturing sciences.

Individuals who have already completed an undergraduate degree or are currently enrolled in an NC State non-thesis master’s (MR) program can complete a post-baccalaureate certificate or a graduate certificate. At the graduate level, BTEC offers both research-based and classroom-only master’s programs, as well as a graduate minor and two graduate certificates.

Undergraduate programs

BTEC undergraduate programs include an undergraduate minor, a university certificate, and a post-baccalaureate certificate. Chemical engineering majors can also earn a concentration in biomanufacturing sciences.

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Graduate programs

The suite of BTEC graduate programs includes a Master of Biomanufacturing (non-thesis), a Master of Science in Biomanufacturing (thesis), two graduate certificates and a graduate minor. The Master of Biomanufacturing is a classroom-only program, while the Master of Science in Biomanufacturing requires a research-based thesis.

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Continuing education

Persons who have completed course prerequisites may enroll for individual courses as non-degree students. Persons with appropriate professional experience may enroll for individual courses with the consent of the instructor.

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