Kirill Efimenko, Ph.D.

Dr. Kirill Efimenko received a M.Sc. degree in physics of polymers and dielectrics from Belarusian State University 1996 (Minsk, Belarus) and a Ph.D. in Material Science and Technology from Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague Czech republic in 1999. Shortly after that he joined a Department of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University as Postdoctoral Fellow. He was promoted to the Senior Research Associate position in 2002 (joint appointment between CBE at NC State University and Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology and Science). In 2007 he was appointed to a position of Research Assistant Professor in the department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

Research Interests

  • Stimuli responsive polymer materials
  • Functionalized siloxane materials
  • Self-assembly and directed assembly
  • Biofouling