Panoramic Virtual Tour

Explore BTEC's large-scale and cell culture lab suites in this virtual tour. When you launch the tour, a new browser window opens, displaying a 360° panoramic photo that you can grab and rotate in any direction with your pointing device. On a mobile or virtual reality device, you can move your device and watch the photo revolve accordingly on your screen. Icons embedded in each image provide additional information about specific features or pieces of equipment.

launch tour

Launch tour

About the tour

This virtual tour guides you through the various labs in BTEC's large-scale suite and the cell culture lab. Its purpose is to familiarize you with the biomanufacturing process and some of BTEC's equipment and facilities. The tour is not intended to represent the actual personnel or material flows through the suite and labs.

Floor plans

To see where the spaces featured on the tour are located within the BTEC facility, refer to the shaded areas on the first-floor and second-floor plans.

Tour navigation and tips

To get the most out of this tour, familiarize yourself with its controls (see below) and actively explore each space. What you see will change as you move around each panorama. As you explore, you will see various icons on the screen, which perform specific tasks when clicked or tapped. Some icons enable you to navigate through the tour, while others provide information about designated equipment or locations. Here is a list of the icons and their functions.

Global buttons

These icons appear at all times throughout the tour.

home Information: Displays a description of the current panorama
home Home: Takes you to the Lobby
floorplan Floor plan: Displays a floor plan of the current section. The floor plan contains hot spots for each of the rooms in the current section. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the floor plan window to select another section.
previous Previous: Returns to the previous tour stop
next Next: Goes to the next tour stop

Control bar

control bar

The control bar appears across the bottom of the window throughout the tour. Click on the icons to control your view by performing actions such as zooming in or out, rotating the panorama horizontally or vertically, or viewing the tour in full-screen mode.

Hot spots

These icons appear in various locations in a panorama and provide ways to navigate within a space, move to the next stop on the tour, or learn more about specific points of interest. When you hover over any of these icons in a panorama, you will see a tool tip identifying its purpose.

move See another view of the same room
next Advance to another stop on the tour
view picture View a picture (not available in VR mode)
view gallery View a gallery of pictures (not available in VR mode)
view text box View a text box (not available in VR mode)

Use your phone with a VR viewer

Google cardboard viewer
  1. After launching the tour, tap the VR Mode icon VR mode icon in the control bar on the bottom of your screen.
  2. Rotate your phone to landscape.
  3. Tap on the screen to start the VR mode.
  4. Place your phone in the VR viewer and look through the lenses.
  5. To activate a hot spot, move the viewer to
    align and hover the center crosshairs over it.
  6. To return to the normal viewing mode, rotate your phone to portrait, tap the screen, and tap the computer monitor icon.