Graduate Programs

class of graduate students

North Carolina State University offers novel interdisciplinary graduate programs in biomanufacturing. Through our various degree, minor, and certificate programs, students gain hands-on experience using industry-standard equipment along with a comprehensive education in the principles and theory of bioprocessing and biomanufacturing.

We are confident that students completing any of our graduate programs will be able to accelerate their career in the biomanufacturing industry.

If you are interested in any of these programs, set up an appointment with BTEC's assistant director of academic programs to discuss your options.

Which program is best for you?

Key points: Professional Science Master's, advanced topics, cGMP, business and management skill development, professional internship

Graduates from our Master of Science in biomanufacturing and Master of Biomanufacturing are highly sought after by the industry. Our degrees provide advanced education and training in biomanufacturing processes while simultaneously developing business skills highly valued by employers. We accept highly qualified students from a variety of academic backgrounds and institutions.

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Key points: Flexible coursework, research project

The graduate minor in biomanufacturing is available to master’s (thesis program) or doctoral students from a wide range of disciplines to enhance their education, training, and research in the field of biomanufacturing. Students are required to complete at least two credit hours of research experience.

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Key points: For degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students, upstream or downstream specialization, cGMP, advanced topics, on campus or online

For on-campus students, BTEC offers two graduate certificates, Upstream Biomanufacturing and Downstream Biomanufacturing. For distance education students, the Online Biomanufacturing Graduate Certificate is an excellent option for gaining a BTEC credential without being onsite.The graduate certificate is a great option for graduate students in other NC State programs or working professionals to earn a new credential to kick-start or advance a career in biomanufacturing.

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