BTEC's Assistant Director, Academic Programs discusses BTEC's programs with students

Continued growth in North Carolina's biomanufacturing industry requires new employees with complex training and technical skills tailored to these highly regulated positions. BTEC, NC State University, and various professional organizations provide resources to support students interested in this field.

Job announcements


BTEC currently posts all internship, co-op, and job announcements through LinkedIn:

North Carolina Biotechnology Center

The NC Biotech Center host a jobs board and offers several resources for students and professionals, including the following:

Additional resources

Current students may check BTEC's career advising, scholarship, and research/internships opportunities.

Career Advising

From getting started to joining professional organizations, there are many ways for you to prepare for a career in biomanufacturing. We support students from their first year and beyond!

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The NIIMBL Experience

BTEC is excited to partner with NIIMBL to offer a unique biopharmaceutical manufacturing experience for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous STEM college students.

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Research and internships

BTEC offers paid research experiences through the Research Experience for Undergraduates program and internships. Get hands-on experience right at BTEC.

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