Graduate Minor

The graduate minor in biomanufacturing enables master's (thesis program) or doctoral students in a range of disciplines to:

  • Gain knowledge of bioprocesses in a simulated-cGMP biomanufacturing facility
  • Learn about the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry and the regulations that govern it
  • Acquire the knowledge base and hands-on skills needed to conduct independent or guided research
  • Contribute to a cGMP biomanufacturing production operation in significant ways

Those pursuing degrees in chemical engineering, biochemistry, biological and agricultural engineering, food science, microbial biotechnology, or microbiology are all appropriate candidates for a minor in biomanufacturing.


A minimum of 10 credit hours of BTEC graduate-level courses is required to earn the minor. Students must complete two hours of BEC 669, Biomanufacturing Research Projects, and eight hours of electives. Two of the eight hours of electives may be substituted for graduate-level BIT (Biotechnology) course work required for a master's or doctoral degree.

Students pursuing the minor in biomanufacturing must have a BTEC graduate faculty member on their advisory committee and registered in their Plan of Work.

For more information

To add the biomanufacturing minor to your degree plan or for more information, please contact BTEC's assistant director of academic programs.