John van Zanten, Ph.D.








BTEC 184

Dr. John van Zanten is an assistant teaching professor at BTEC. He teaches BEC 330, Principles and Applications of Bioseparations, which is part of BTEC’s core curriculum for the undergraduate minor in biomanufacturing, and the graduate course BEC 532, Biologic Processing Science. He also co-directs the QC/Analytical course that is provided annually under contract to U.S. Food and Drug Administration personnel. He is also developing a bioprocess control laboratory module for undergraduate chemical engineering students.

Before coming to BTEC in 2007, Dr. van Zanten worked for 15 years in federal laboratories and academic institutions such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Johns Hopkins University and North Carolina State University. He has more than 25 years of experience in colloidal and macromolecular physical chemistry, biophysics and particle sizing in both national laboratories and academic institutions and has led research efforts in liposome formulation, nonviral gene delivery vector assembly and protein aggregation, as well as more traditional colloid, polymer and surfactant systems.

He obtained a bachelor of science and doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles and received additional training as a National Research Council postdoctoral research associate at NIST.