Name Position Phone Email
Ryan Barton, Ph.D. Manager, Bioprocess Automation 919-513-0969
Steve Boone Accounting Technician, Part-time 919-515-8377
Delia Bradley Program Manager, AIM-Bio 919-515-0184
Hunter Brown Scientist II, AIM-Bio 919-515-0177
Greg Buhrman, Ph.D. Scientist I, Analytical 919-513-5914
Mark Burdick Bioprocess Training Associate, Downstream
Miles Calzini Scientist I, AIM-Bio 919-513-5924
Ruben Carbonell, Ph.D. BTEC Distinguished Fellow 919-515-5118
Crystal Collazo Scientist I, Fermentation
Chris Cummings Scientist II, Cell Culture 919-515-0225
Kirill Efimenko, Ph.D. Research Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 919-513-0548
Driss Elhanafi, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Cell Line Development 919-513-8236
Hayley Flores, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Fermentation 919-515-0222
Gary Gilleskie, Ph.D. Executive Director 919-515-0176
Cyndell Gracieux-Singleton, Ph.D. Manager, Analytical 919-513-2196
Megan Hackman Scientist I, Bioprocess Services 919-515-8526
Brian Herring Instructional Media Developer 919-515-0212
Serena Hodge Industry Training Coordinator 919-515-2697
Elissa Hudspeth Assistant Director, Downstream 919-513-8094
Judah Jackson Bioprocess Training Associate, Central Services
Stephanie Johnson Bioprocess Training Associate, Analytical
Jeff Keele Bioprocess Training Associate, Fermentation
Melody Lao Scientist II, Bioprocess Services 919-515-4239
Scott Latus Educational Communications Program Manager 919-515-6486
Rick Lawless Lecturer
Stefano Menegatti, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 919-515-6398
Danny Monroe, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Academic Programs 919-513-2195
Allen Moore Bioprocess Training Associate, Fermentation
Pa Nhia Moore Manager, Student Programs 919-515-0213
Paul Mozdziak, Ph.D. Professor, Poultry Science 919-515-5544
Laurie Overton Senior Scientist, Cell Culture 919-513-8237
Jennifer Pancorbo, Ph.D. Director, Industry Programs and Research 919-515-0215
Balaji Rao, Ph.D. Director, Academic Programs 919-515-0175
Michael Ray Bioprocess Training Associate, Downstream
Michele Ray-Davis Assistant Director, Operations 919-513-0952
Joe Reigher Engineer, Bioprocess Engineering 919-513-8212
Eric Safarz Bioprocess Training Associate, Central Services 919-515-0178
Deepa Sambandan, Ph.D. Research Program Manager 919-515-0166
Jennifer Sasser Technology Support Technician 919-513-0964
Danny Schmitt Scientist I, AIM-Bio 919-515-0218
Kurt Selle, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Fermentation and Cell Line Development 919-515-4797
Arjun Shastry Scientist II, Bioprocess Services 919-515-2844
John Sheppard, Ph.D. Professor, Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences 919-513-0802
Sara Siegel, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, AIM-Bio 919-513-1698
Jason Stappenbeck Manager, Facilities Engineering 919-515-0185
Chowan Stokes Finance Manager 919-513-1631
Mark Stoops Scientist I, Analytical Development 919-515-2644
Suleiman Sweilem Scientist I, Cell Culture 919-513-7493
Douglas Tremblay Lab Manager, Biomedical Engineering 919-515-9741
John van Zanten, Ph.D. Associate Teaching Professor 919-515-0217
Jason Whitley Instructional Designer, AIM-Bio 919-513-1099
Melody Woodyard Assistant Director, Finance & Administration 919-513-8095
Greg Worsley Scientist I, Bioprocess Services 919-515-5148
Haiwei Zhang Senior Scientist, Bioprocess Services 919-513-1699
Michael Flickinger, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus

BTEC Fellows

BTEC recognizes the industry professionals and subject matter experts (SMEs) who contribute to its teaching mission with BTEC Fellow appointments each academic year. Brief profiles are provided for the current BTEC Fellows.

Name Title
Ray Anover Head of Product Development, Eiger BioPharmaceuticals
Lucia Clontz, MS, D. H.Sc. Former Site Quality Head, Xellia Pharmaceuticals
Marcello Fidaleo, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department for Innovation in Biological, Agro-Food and Forest Systems, University of Tuscia, Italy
Paula Keith, Ph.D. Founder, BioLogic Solutions, LLC
Jeff Odum, CPIP Practice Lead for ATMPs and Biologics, Genesis AEC
Juan Torres, Ph.D. Senior Vice-President of Global Quality and Chief Quality Officer for Biogen