Advisory Board and Partners

Advisory Board

The BTEC Advisory Board was established per the original Golden LEAF grant application to provide guidance to BTEC in the following areas: course content, curriculum development, instruction, certification requirements, assessment, marketing, and facilities/equipment needs. Since its inception, the Advisory Board has met three to four times per year and has provided valuable advice during construction, curriculum development, start-up, and operation.

Company Member
BioLogic Solutions, LLC Paula Keith
bioMerieux William Darrigrand
bioMerieux Colin Frazier
BRITE Hernan Navarro
Eisai Shawn Gallagher
Eli Lilly Peter Berzins
FujiFilm Diosynth RTP David Yarley
FujiFilm Diosynth Holly Springs Mark Kuenzi
JellaTech Rob Schutte
Jacob’s Engineering Will Royall
Nexii Dave Perez
KBI Biopharma Sigma Mostafa
Merck Kennis Wilson
Millipore Sigma * Hutch Earp
NC Bionetwork Leslie Isenhour
NC Biotechnology Center Mary Beth Thomas
NCBIO John Wagner
NCCU Rob Onyenwoke
NC State Plant and Microbial Biology Amy Grunden
NC State BTEC Balaji Rao
NC State BTEC Danny Monroe
NC State BTEC Ruben Carbonell
NC State BTEC Gary Gilleskie
NC State College of Engineering Louis Martin Vega
Novartis (AveXis) Kristopher Kelly
Novo Nordisk Chad Henry
Novozymes Mike Hess
Pfizer Michael Dux
Pfizer (Abzena) James Kennamer
Sartorius Stedim Vincent Galione
Sequence Nicholas Weidle
Seqirus Keith Kulowiec
Steris Pamela Webb
Rooster Bio Tim Kelly
Veloxis * Marcelo Anderson

*Current BTEC scholarship sponsor.


BTEC is part of NCBioImpact, an educational partnership in which the North Carolina Community College System BioNetwork, the Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE), the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, and the North Carolina Biosciences Organization (NCBIO) are also members.

NCBioImpact was implemented to meet the workforce needs of North Carolina's life sciences industry. Another partner is the Golden LEAF Foundation, which provided almost $39 million to build the BTEC facility. BTEC reports administratively to NC State's College of Engineering and resides on NC State's Centennial Campus, an award-winning research science park.