Facilities and Equipment

Bioprocess equipment and analytical instrumentation bench-scale bioreactors stainless steel bioreactors 20 L and 50 L disposable bioreactors 50 L and 250 L disposable bioreactors in-line/on-line process analyzers at-line process analyzers at-line process biochemical analyzers small-scale cell separation cell separation cell lysis bench-top chromatography large-scale chromatography ultrafiltration/diafiltration solution preparation fill and storage cleaning and sterilization analytical PLCs analytical mass spec analytical electrophoresis, analyzer analytical PCR, DNA sequencer analytical plate reader, analyzer, spectrometer peptide synthesizer, cell imaging colony picker, cell imaging reader process utilities

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To meet industry demands for students skilled in the operation of equipment and processes that are unique to biomanufacturing, BTEC is dedicated to providing hands-on training using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. The 77,700 gross-square-foot main facility features high-tech classrooms and laboratories with bench-scale and pilot-scale bioprocessing equipment. In addition, the BTEC Annex has approximately 5,000 gross square feet for viral processing, cell culture, and purification. The largest laboratory area is a simulated-cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) production facility.

BTEC's training facilities feature:

  • 7,200 gsf high-tech classrooms
  • 43,700+ gsf lab training space
  • Stainless steel bioreactors at 30 L and 300 L scales
  • Disposable bioreactors
  • Automation with next-generation distributed control architecture
  • Analytical lab
  • Downstream separation and purification processes
  • Aseptic processing operations
  • Numerous bench-scale labs to enable learning in next-generation biotechnology and biomanufacturing technologies such as animal cell and tissue culture, virus processing, protein and metabolic engineering, miniaturization, high throughput technologies, and bioanalytical methodologies

Floor plans

Shaded areas on the first-floor and second-floor plans indicate spaces that can be seen on the BTEC virtual tour.