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published Feb 9, 2018
Apply now for the 2018 BTEC Summer Internship program

published Nov 27, 2017
Celebrating 10 years of success!

published Oct 2, 2017
General Assembly's Life Science Caucus members tour BTEC

published Sep 21, 2017
BTEC shares its expertise with community college biotech program

published Sep 12, 2017
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Upcoming events

Mar 5-8, 2018
Hands-on cGMP Biomanufacturing Operations

May 8-11, 2018
Applied Principles and Techniques of Depth Flow Filtration and Tangential Flow Filtration for BioPharm Downstream Purification

May 22-24, 2018
Chromatography Column Packing: Foundations and Applications

Jun 5-7, 2018
Fermentation Engineering

Jun 5-7, 2018
Foundations of Downstream Processing and Formulation