Support BTEC excellence on Day of Giving

Published March 14, 2024

Students participate in a hands-on activity in BTEC's large-scale fermentation lab
Contributions to BTEC's Enhancement Fund on NC State's Day of Giving help support unique hands-on learning opportunities for students and biomanufacturing professionals. Tax-deductible donations may be made during the day-long event on Wednesday, March 20. 

Calling all BTEC students, alumni, and industry partners and employees! On Wednesday, March 20, NC State hosts its annual Day of Giving. During the 24-hour event, donors can support BTEC directly by contributing to its Enhancement Fund.

Donations to the fund help BTEC carry out its mission of developing skilled professionals for the biomanufacturing/ biopharmaceutical industry. Through its various programs, BTEC helps prepare students for rewarding careers, aids in meeting the workforce development needs of employers — both locally and from across the state and nation, and supports economic development in North Carolina.

Your contribution — of any amount — to the Enhancement Fund will help BTEC maintain its standard of excellence and realize its vision for the future. Donations will be used to:

  • Maintain aging equipment, enabling our ability to provide valuable hands-on experiences for learners;
  • Provide professional development opportunities for our instructional staff so they remain current with the latest industry trends;
  • Create new educational content and ensure that BTEC’s curriculum remains relevant and up to date, and
  • Recruit students who may be unaware of career opportunities in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

To donate, please visit the Enhancement Fund webpage on Wednesday, March 20. All funds donated are managed by one of the university's 501 (c)(3) affiliated foundations and are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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