Schedule of Short Courses

The biomanufacturing industry grows and changes rapidly from year to year, creating significant educational demands on our workforce. BTEC is committed to providing updated, cutting-edge short courses to workers who are grounded in the industry but may not be positioned to take advantage of new developments in the field.

Click any course title below to learn more and download a detailed course outline. You can also download a printable, chronological version of the 2018 schedule (PDF). Be sure to note BTEC's Professional Certificate in Biomanufacturing Science. Courses eligible for the certificate are identified with one or more of the following symbols:

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For detailed information on payment, available discounts, and travel, please review the Information for Participants.

Analytical Technologies

Course name 2018 Dates
analytical courseBiopharmaceutical Assay Essentials 7/24–27


Course name 2018 Dates
Applied Cleaning Validation Practices: A STERIS Master Classcleaning validation 7/17–18
Chromatography Column Packing: Foundations and Applications 5/22–24
downstream courseupstream courseHands-On cGMP Biomanufacturing Operations 3/5–8
downstream courseupstream courseHands-On Single-Use Processing for Biopharmaceuticals 10/2–4
downstream courseupstream courseHands-On Viral Vaccine Manufacture n/a
Microbial Contamination Control in Bioprocessing Operations 12/4–6

Bioprocess Development

Course name 2018 Dates
downstream courseApplied Principles and Techniques of Depth Flow Filtration (DFF) and Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) for BioPharm Downstream Purification 5/8–11
downstream courseDownstream Biopharmaceutical Processes: Fundamentals and Design 6/12–14
downstream courseFoundations of Downstream Processing and Formulation 6/5–7
Fundamentals of Mammalian Cell Line Development 7/24–26
Introduction to Design of Experiments (DoE) for Bioprocess Analysis and Optimization 10/9–11

Bioprocess Engineering

Course name 2018 Dates
upstream courseApplied Monitoring and Control for Advanced Biomanufacturing 8/14–16
upstream courseCell Culture Engineering: A Single-Use Perspective 7/17–19
upstream courseFermentation Engineering 6/5–7

Online Courses

online course!

BTEC has partnered with the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE), a technical community of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), to offer two eLearning courses. Each seven-hour course is available on demand.

Biotechnology for Chemical Engineers

Learn the fundamentals of biotechnology with this course designed for chemical engineers working in design, operations, or other support functions. For more information, visit the SBE Biotechnology for Chemical Engineers course page.

Biomanufacturing for Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers or other technical professionals with no biological experience learn the fundamentals of biomanufacturing in this course. For more information, visit the SBE Biomanufacturing for Chemical Engineers course page.