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published Jun 19, 2017
BTEC leadership update: Dr. Gary Gilleskie named acting director

published Apr 4, 2017
Apply now for the BTEC Research Experience for Undergraduates program

published Mar 3, 2017
10th annual BTEC Career Fair draws employers, students

published Feb 15, 2017
BioPhorum Operations Group to present at Bioprocess International West Conference

published Jan 11, 2017
BioProcess International highlights BTEC and training in the biomanufacturing industry

Upcoming events

July 11-13, 2017
Cell Culture Engineering

July 25-27, 2017
Fundamentals of Mammalian Cell Line Development

July 25-28, 2017
Biopharmaceutical Assay Essentials

Aug 1-3, 2017
Fermentation Engineering

Aug 8-10, 2017
Downstream Biopharmaceutical Processes