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Worst-case simulations show effectiveness of cleaning closed systems in CNC environment, potential cost savings

Scientists at BTEC, in collaboration with the industry group BioPhorum, have helped prove the effectiveness of commonly used cleansers to reduce bioburden in functionally closed bioprocessing systems.

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RAM Biochemicals and BTEC: A Success Story

Native Tar Heels may be surprised to learn that for the past six years BTEC Bioprocess Services has prepared microbial materials for RAM Biochemicals that are helping recover crude oil that would otherwise be left stranded in the reservoir.

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BTEC capacity aids Medicago start-up

When Medicago-USA began start-up activities in its new RTP facility, it found itself still waiting for the delivery of a critical piece of upstream equipment and short on testing resources.

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BTEC helps start-up build its business—brick by brick

When Ginger Krieg Dosier moved to North Carolina from the United Arab Emirates in 2012, she made sure to pack her favorite travel accessory: a brick.

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Triangle AgBio company benefits from growing locally

What’s an emerging biotech company to do when it needs help taking its product to the next level? AgBiome, LLC, found that BTEC’s Bioprocess and Analytical Services team could provide all they needed.

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BTEC Bioprocess Services highlighted at the 2016 International SCA Symposium

Laboratory results from BTEC’s collaboration with RAM Biochemicals, Inc. demonstrated that selected microbial compositions can grow in sulfide-contaminated reservoir fluids and enhance oil recovery.

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