BTEC Bioprocess Services to be highlighted at the 2016 International SCA Symposium

Published July 12, 2016

BTEC’s Bioprocess Services program will be highlighted in a presentation at the upcoming 2016 International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysis (SCA). The annual event will take place Aug. 21–26 in Snowmass, Colo., and will continue building on the SCA’s tradition of providing high quality technical presentations and showcasing the latest technical innovations, equipment and services in the area of core analysis.

Laboratory results from BTEC’s collaboration with RAM Biochemicals, Inc. demonstrated that selected microbial compositions can grow in sulfide-contaminated reservoir fluids and enhance oil recovery. Core flooding studies conducted by the Polish Oil and Gas Institute (INiG) confirmed an increase in oil recovery 2%–10% above standard waterflooding. Additional laboratory evaluations suggest that this microbial technique may inhibit oil field souring caused by sulfite-reducing bacteria (SRB).

The application of microbial technology may help alleviate problems in oil and gas production, transportation and storage where poisonous and corrosive hydrogen sulfide can pose environmental hazards and reduce the value of oil and gas from mature oil fields around the world.

“Microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) projects require high quality concentrated starting material and this is exactly what BTEC Bioprocess Services has delivered,” said RAM Biochemicals’ project coordinator, Phillip Launt. RAM Bio’s MEOR technology is undergoing field trials in Poland to recover oil still trapped in the reservoir’s rock matrix. Chemical and rheological studies of produced oil and brine demonstrated positive changes in interfacial tension and viscosity. Core analysis shows positive alterations of the rock matrix. These alterations are the topic of this SCA presentation.