Contract services FAQs

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We have a possible project. How do we get started?

Please see the main Contract Services page for an overview of the services BTEC offers. For Bioprocess Services, contact Jennifer Pancorbo, Ph.D. ( or 919-515-0215).

How are project costs calculated?

Pricing depends on project requirements and takes into account the time that personnel and facility resources are required. BTEC prefers clients to provide materials, but pricing can include materials if the client requests.

May we observe the work BTEC performs for us?

Clients are welcome to join Bioprocess Services scientists in the lab at any point during a project execution. Questions are welcomed as long as they are reserved for times when BTEC staff can give full attention to the client.

Can we rent BTEC's facilities or equipment?

Clients are not allowed to operate BTEC’s equipment, and BTEC’s facilities are not available for rent.