Support BTEC on NC State’s Day of Giving

Published September 15, 2020

A student engaging in a course activity in BTEC’s intermediate-scale upstream bioprocessing lab

Since opening in 2007, BTEC has been providing educational opportunities for students and working professionals while helping to develop a skilled workforce for the biomanufacturing and biopharmaceutical industry. Now we ask that you support our efforts by contributing to NC State’s Day of Giving fundraising event on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

By investing in our programs, you help BTEC provide career opportunities for individuals, devise solutions for challenges facing the industry, and develop its future leaders. Contributions made on this year’s Day of Giving are earmarked to help BTEC foster a closer relationship between industry and students. We’ll accomplish that through the following activities:

  • Enabling and enhancing recruiting and networking programs and events
  • Supporting student participation in relevant conferences
  • Increasing impact through BTEC’s ongoing seminar series, and
  • Maintaining our state-of-the-art facilities

Please use the link below to pledge your support! Your donation is sincerely appreciated.

Donate on Sept. 16