BTEC shares its expertise with community college biotech program

Published September 21, 2017

Always willing to be a good neighbor, BTEC recently shared its expertise and helped Alamance Community College’s (ACC) Biotechnology Department restore an important piece of its laboratory equipment to working order.

ACC Biotechnology head Michelle Sabaoun had requested BTEC’s assistance to bring back online a 15 L bioreactor that had fallen into disuse. In response, one of BTEC’s bioprocess training associates, John Taylor, visited ACC twice and provided training on setup and operation of the equipment. BTEC personnel continue to support the program, which is located in Graham, N.C., by assisting with troubleshooting and method development.

According to Ms. Sabaoun, “BTEC has been extremely helpful to ACC over the past year. Their experts have helped get our equipment back online, trained faculty and students, and helped us troubleshoot problem areas. Without BTEC, we would be down major instrumentation and training/professional development on maintenance and operation of this equipment. We are grateful for the support they are able to provide. They are our ‘go to’ for equipment training and curriculum support for ACC's biotechnology program.”

In the future, BTEC plans to continue its support of ACC’s Biotechnology Department by evaluating the community college’s HPLC equipment and assisting with troubleshooting, repairs, and training.