BTEC celebrates new academic year, welcomes largest graduate class

Published Sept. 6, 2016

Participants in the BTEC summer internship program
BTEC faculty, staff and new graduate students enjoyed a picnic—in the comfort of an air-conditioned classroom—just prior to the fall semester.

To mark the start of the 2016–17 academic year and welcome its new graduate students, BTEC hosted a picnic Tuesday, Aug. 16 for students, faculty and staff. At the event, new graduate students in attendance were introduced to the BTEC faculty and staff. The new cohort of graduate students is the largest admitted in the history of the program. BTEC’s Class of 2018 numbers 14 students, who are pursuing a Master’s of Biomanufacturing degree. Most are full-time students and plan on pursuing a mix of upstream and downstream concentrations. These students will be looking for internship and co-op opportunities in the coming months to gain the required industry experience for BTEC’s Professional Science Master’s program.

The highlight of the picnic menu? The hog cooked by BTEC Maintenance Engineer Joe Reigher and served with his award-winning sauce!