BTEC featured in BioProcess International magazine

Published Oct. 29, 2015

For the second consecutive month, BTEC figures prominently in BioProcess International magazine. The October 2015 issue features an article written by Gary Gilleskie and Jennifer Pancorbo from BTEC along with engineers from Entegris. "Comparison of Concentration Measurement Technologies in Bioprocess Solutions" describes a study that looks at refractive index as a technique for measuring solute concentrations in a variety of solutions used in bioprocessing. The project, performed as part of BTEC's bioprocess services program, demonstrates that refractive index offers a number of advantages in quantifying concentration over more traditional techniques such as conductivity and osmolality measurement. Read the full text of the article

The September 2015 issue of Bioprocess International featured an article by Gary Gilleskie and Patty Brown on BTEC's long-running bioprocess training program with the U.S. FDA.