Clean connections

Published Oct. 14, 2014

A team of industry professionals devoted to exploring the issues associated with using closed systems housed in non-classified environments has contracted BTEC to generate data to demonstrate feasibility of closing connections between dissimilar equipment. The team, part of the BPOG (BioPhorum Operations Group), is sponsoring the studies to test the ability to clean connectors that have been exposed to the environment while joining disposable equipment and stainless steel equipment. The data from the BPOG’s studies, including the ones performed at BTEC, will be used to support decisions on using these connectors in non-classified spaces without negatively affecting product quality. Currently, regulatory expectations only allow steaming connectors after addition or making the open connections in a classified clean room. Steam cleaning disposable equipment can adversely affect its performance. In addition, clean steam and classified clean rooms are costly and not always available.

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