BTEC to feature computer game in new professional development course

Published May 19, 2014

While lectures, discussion and laboratory activities are part of the usual learning experience at BTEC, a new short course at BTEC will have participants using an online game to help achieve course objectives. As part of the one-day Commercialization of New Biological Drugs course, participants will use Drug2Market™ Bio, an educational computer game that simulates the process of commercializing new biological products used to treat or prevent human disease. BTEC has been developing the game for the past two years, and it was used successfully in its recent Global Regulatory Affairs for Medical Products course for undergraduate and graduate students (BEC 475/575).

Commercialization of New Biological Drugs will be offered June 24 and again July 22. Individuals attending the course will receive a six-month subscription to the online game so that they can optimize their commercialization strategy after the course. The game, currently still in beta testing, is available from licensee RJL Interactive, LLC.

About RJL Interactive, LLC

RJL Interactive was founded by Rick Lawless, BTEC’s Associate Director of Strategic Programs and inventor of Drug2Market™ Bio. The company designs, develops and markets computer-based learning activities for college students and industry professionals. Its current focus is computer games that can be utilized by instructors to help students apply new learning on processes that are difficult to present in a laboratory. For more information, visit