Professional Certificate in Biomanufacturing Science

BTEC is excited to offer a Professional Certificate in Biomanufacturing Science. Whatever your background, BTEC’s certificate program will enhance your knowledge and give you hands-on experience with both upstream and downstream biopharmaceutical manufacturing and biopharmaceutical analysis.

Complete two of the courses listed below and receive an 80% discount on the registration fee for the third course!

In addition, BTEC’s Professional Certificate in Biomanufacturing Science can:

  • Be customized based on your learning needs
  • Fill information and skills gaps to broaden your knowledge of the biomanufacturing industry
  • Accommodate your schedule with multiple course offerings
  • Be completed quickly (each course is typically 2–4 days)

Design your Professional Certificate now!

Enhance your expertise and earn your certificate by completing three courses focused on the upstream, downstream, and analytical technologies common to biomanufacturing. To qualify for the certificate, select one course in each content area.




* These courses count as either Upstream or Downstream courses.
** These courses count as either Upstream, Downstream, or Analytical courses.
*** Not eligible for the 80% discount

Courses eligible for the Professional Certificate are listed above and on the schedule of short courses with one of the following symbols:


upstream course icon


downstream course icon


analytical course icon

Getting started

Earn your certificate by completing three courses (as outlined above) within two years.

New to BTEC?

If you have never taken a course at BTEC and are ready to start working on your certificate, please register for your first course(s) through the online registration system. When registering, check the box indicating you wish to apply the course(s) toward your Professional Certificate.

Recently complete an open enrollment course at BTEC?

If you have attended an open enrollment course in the past year, check to see if this course counts toward the certificate and what content area this course falls under. When registering for your second course, be sure to check the box indicating you wish to apply the course toward your Professional Certificate. Prior to registering for your third and final course, please contact Serena Hodge, Industry Training Coordinator, at to determine how to apply the 80% discount.

Policies and guidelines

For general information on payment, additional discounts, and travel, please review this information for participants. Please note our additional policies regarding:

  • Course timing. All courses must be completed within two calendar years. For example, if you completed one course in 2023, you will need to complete the remaining two courses in 2024 in order to receive the 80% discount on your third course.
  • Substitutions. No substitutions are allowed for the discounted third course. That is, if an individual has completed two courses, the 80% discount for the third course is available only to this same individual.
  • Discounts. No other discount may be applied to courses counted toward the Professional Development certificate. To qualify for the 80% discount on the third course, the full registration fee must be paid for the first two courses.