Prochrom®-Bio Column Packing Demonstration

Novasep Prochrom-Bio ColumnNovasep's unique automated packing/unpacking system and methodologies enable the fastest operation and highly reproducible column efficiency resulting in right first time packing. Column packing and unpacking can be performed in less than 30 minutes!

Please join us for a presentation of data and case studies on column packing efficiency followed by a packing demonstration using our 30 cm low pressure column and automated packing unit.


  • Scale-up and operational challenges in process-scale
  • Description of modern biochromatography column design
    • hydraulically-actuated piston technology
    • flow distribution
    • automated packing and unpacking unit
  • Efficient packing methodologies
  • Practical demo:
    • packing and unpacking of a Prochrom┬«-Bio 30 cm I.D. biochromatography column

Prospective Attendees

Engineers and technicians involved in the development, engineering, scale-up and operation of downstream processes.


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