Faculty and Staff

Teaching Faculty

Name Position Phone Email
Susan Bernacki, Ph.D. Research Associate, Biomedical Engineering 919-513-7710
Ruben Carbonell, Ph.D. Director 919-515-0177
Kirill Efimenko, Ph.D. Research Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 919-513-0548
Driss Elhanafi, Ph.D. Senior Scientist 919-513-8236
Michael Flickinger, Ph.D. Associate Director, Academic Programs 919-515-0175
Gary Gilleskie, Ph.D. Director, Operations 919-515-0176
Nathaniel Hentz, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Analytical Lab 919-515-0218
Sarwat Khattak, Ph.D. Senior Scientist 919-513-0969
Rick Lawless, CPIP Associate Director, Strategic Programs 919-515-8526
Paul Mozdziak, Ph.D. Professor, Poultry Science 919-515-5544
Amith Naik, Ph.D. Senior Scientist 919-515-8377
Jennifer Pancorbo, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Bioprocess Services

Gisele Passador-Gurgel, Ph.D. Teaching Assistant Professor 919-515-0222
Baley Reeves, Ph.D. Senior Scientist 919-513-8094
John Sheppard, Ph.D. Professor, Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Science 919-513-0802
John van Zanten, Ph.D. Teaching Assistant Professor 919-515-0217
Lucas Vann Senior Scientist 919-515-0214


Name Position Phone Email
John Balchunas Assistant Director, Professional Development Programs 919-515-0550
Nathan Blackwell Bioprocess Training Associate 919-513-2196
Steve Boone Finance Manager 919-513-1631
Erica Brown Bioprocess Training Associate 919-513-2196
Patty Brown Senior Instructional Designer 919-513-1099
Brittany Gabriel Bioprocess Training Associate 919-513-2196
Lesleigh Hastings Bioprocess Training Associate 919-515-0225
LaShonda Herndon Bioprocess Training Associate 919-513-2196
Brian Herring Instructional Media Developer 919-515-0212
Lauren Liles Bioprocess Training Associate 919-515-0193
Brian Mosley Scientist II 919-515-2855
Winnell Newman Manager, Student Programs 919-515-0213
Robert Niklas Maintenance Engineer 919-515-0184
Michael Ray Bioprocess Training Associate 919-515-0173
Michele Ray Manager, Bioprocess 919-513-0952
Joe Reigher Maintenance Engineer 919-513-8212
Eric Safarz Bioprocess Training Associate 919-515-0178
Jennifer Sasser Technology Support Technician 919-513-0964
Chris Smith Graduate Programs Coordinator 919-513-2195
Jason Stappenbeck Maintenance Engineer 919-515-0185
John Taylor Bioprocess Training Associate 919-513-2196
Jessica Weaver Scientist II 919-515-2644
Melody Woodyard Assistant Director, Finance & Administration 919-513-8095
Haiwei Zhang Scientist II 919-513-1699