There are several ways to make a gift to support the people and programs of BTEC at NC State. Please contact Melody Woodyard, Assistant Director of Finance & Administration for BTEC, at 919-513-8095 or if you have any questions or need additional information.

Gift Options

  • Cash Gifts
  • By Credit Card
  • Company Matching Gifts
  • Equipment Donations

Cash Gifts

Cash gifts are the easiest and most direct way to make a gift. Cash gifts can be made by writing a check payable to: NCSU-BTEC and mailing it to:

BTEC, NC State University
Attn:  Melody Woodyard
Campus Box 7928
Raleigh, NC   27695-7928

By Credit Card

You may use your credit card to make a gift at the NC State University Credit Card Payments website. In the "Enter Payment Amount" form, enter the following values to have your donation credited to BTEC:

Payment Purpose: Donation
NCSU Contact Name: Melody Woodyard
NCSU Deparment: BTEC-148501
Project Number: 761327

If you would prefer to talk with a person, please call Melody Woodyard at 919-513-8095.

Company Matching Gifts

Please check with your human resources department to see if they will match your gift through their matching gift program.

Equipment Donations

Gifts of property such as equipment can be donated to BTEC and entitle you to tax deduction.

Memorial or Honorary Gifts

A gift made in memory or in honor of a family member, friend, student or teacher is a generous way to memorialize the individual’s life, accomplishments and association with BTEC at NC State.