BTEC is hiring

BTEC is currently accepting applications for open positions. We encourage interested applicants to view full job descriptions and instructions for applying at the links below. Note that openings may close at any time.

See the list of all BTEC open positions on NC State's employment site.

Working at BTEC

BTEC tackles the challenges of the biopharmaceutical industry with the creativity of an academic institution. Part of the College of Engineering, BTEC provides its staff opportunities to interact with students, industry professionals, government officials, faculty, and researchers — all of whom are looking to expand their careers or develop innovative solutions to biomanufacturing challenges. The atmosphere at BTEC is filled with diversity, forward motion, and a sense of purpose. BTEC employees take pride in knowing their work benefits NC State students, industry professionals, the state of North Carolina, and the broader biopharmaceutical community. People who succeed at BTEC are interested in innovating, collaborating, and contributing to new projects and endeavors. Interested? Consider applying today!