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This section is designed to provide a portal for students to learn more about biomanufacturing, and how your academic career will be enriched by participating in the BTEC's many exciting programs. Here students will also find helpful information concerning advising appointments and professional development such as resume or interview prep, career fairs, and job openings.

Why Biomanufacturing?


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Biomanufacturing is the commercialization of biotechnological products. According to most industry analyses, biomanufacturing is poised for rapid growth, as the next decade is expected to bring tremendous increases in the number of new biotechnology products on the market. Further supporting this growth, the Food and Drug Administration is implementing new procedures that will reduce the time-to-market for new products and drugs. As an industry, biomanufacturing offers tremendous potential for job and wealth creation in our State. The size of this industry has doubled in the past 5-7 years. With the current rate of new drug and biopharmaceutical approvals nationally, biomanufacturing has the potential to increase at a far greater rate in the future.

BTEC simulates a biomanufacturing facility capable of producing sterile bulk biopharmaceutical compounds, and the Center space includes training and education classrooms, laboratories, and process utilities. The facility is equipped to provide students with a large-scale bioprocessing experience including bioreactors, downstream separation and purification processes, and aseptic processing operations. In addition, the facility provides a training and education laboratory for biotechnology support staff such as validation specialists, instrumentation technicians, equipment mechanics, microbiologists, sterile preparation technicians, biochemists and various engineering disciplines.

Biomanufacturing careers

Learn about the outlook for careers in biomanufacturing in North Carolina.

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Gain Research Experience at BTEC

BTEC provides undergraduates who are majoring in engineering the opportunity to gain research experience—and get paid for it—through the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.

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