Online Education

By combining distance education technologies with instruction in its state-of-the-art laboratories, BTEC extends educational opportunities to both students and working professionals located across the region, state and country.

As part of its academic program, BTEC offers the fully online course BEC 475, Global Regulatory Affairs for Medical Products. NC State’s online learning management system provides 24/7 access to lectures, readings, interactive multimedia and other materials and activities from any location with an Internet connection. In the future, BTEC plans to offer a number of its graduate courses online to enable full-time employees and others to further their education.

BTEC also offers online courses as part of its professional development program. Selected FDA personnel participate in a series of blended-learning courses under contracts awarded to BTEC by the agency's Office of Regulatory Affairs and its Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. In each of these courses, trainees complete online activities over four weeks and then come to campus for three days of laboratory and classroom activities. BTEC also developed two online courses—Biotechnology for Chemical Engineers and Biomanufacturing for Chemical Engineers—in partnership with the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE), a technological community of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.