BEC 495-001/595-031/CHE 596-034
Drug Delivery—Theory and Modern Practices

Course Description

The course discusses conventional and advanced drug delivery methods and systems.

Lecture topics

  1. Pharmacology: The Chemical Control of Physiology
  2. Drug Affinity and Efficacy
  3. Pharmacokinetics I: Permeation and Metabolism
  4. Pharmacokinetics II: Distribution and Multiple Dosing
  5. Conventional Drug Formulations
  6. Challenges of Conventional Drug Delivery Formulations
  7. Controlled Drug Delivery
  8. Novel Approaches to Drug Delivery
  9. Nanoscale Systems: Synthesis
  10. Nanoparticle Stabilization and Property Control
  11. Vesicle-Based Drug Carriers: Liposomes, Polymersomes, and Niosomes.
  12. Polymeric Micelles
  13. Hydrogels. Biomedical Application
  14. Novel Nanoscale Detection Systems
  15. Cancer Nanotherapeutics
  16. Novel Approaches to mAb Formulations and Delivery
  17. Case Studies on Disease Treatment Using Nanotherapeutics


Organic Chemistry I, Calculus I