National Academy of Medicine report highlights importance of supply chain in pandemic response

Published Nov. 17, 2021

A new consensus study released today by the National Academy of Medicine, "Globally Resilient Supply Chains for Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Vaccines," highlights how supply chain resilience extends beyond vaccine manufacturing and into innovation, R&D, distribution, and ensuring that vaccinations actually take place. One of four reports that focus on lessons learned from COVID-19 that inform pandemic influenza response, the study stresses that all aspects of the supply chain must be examined and reinforced before the next pandemic to ensure that the world is ready to respond.

Dr. Jennifer Pancorbo, director of Industry Programs and Research at BTEC, is a member of the report's issuing committee, the Committee on Addressing Issues of Vaccine Distribution and Supply Chains to Advance Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza Preparedness and Response, which was established by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The committee’s purpose is to examine supply chain and distribution challenges related to vaccines and vaccinations during the COVID-19 response and explore their implications for pandemic and seasonal influenza.

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