BTEC expert explains vaccine manufacturing

Updated December 23, 2020

Dr. Jennifer Pancorbo
Dr. Jennifer Pancorbo, director of BTEC Industry Programs and Research

BTEC's Jennifer Pancorbo recently appeared in another WRAL news segment, explaining the vaccine production process and the time required to manufacture and prepare sufficient quantities of COVID-19 vaccines for widespread distribution.

Originally posted Oct. 26, 2020

After an appearance earlier this month on Raleigh's WRAL noon news, Dr. Jennifer Pancorbo recently appeared in an interview shown by KMOV, the CBS affiliate in St. Louis, Mo. In this latest video, Dr. Pancorbo, who is director of Industry Programs and Research at BTEC, explained the process by which a vaccine is developed, manufatured, and distributed. In the WRAL interview, she noted that without the fast-tracking that has occurred in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, anywhere from five to 15 years can be required to develop and make a vaccine broadly available to the public.

These interviews follow on the heels of an article and accompanying video published by The Abstract, which focuses on research and innovation at NC State. In this interview, she discussed the process used to manufacture vaccines, how safety and efficacy are ensured, and how production and distribution are handled. She also pointed to BTEC’s role in training personnel from biopharmaceutical manufacturing organizations around the world as part of an initiative to build global capacity in vaccine production.