BTEC contributes PPE to regional medical facilities

Published March 27, 2020

3 members of BTEC's staff with pallets of personal protective equipment in BTEC's loading dock.
As part of the university's donation drive for supplies needed by medical facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, BTEC staff collected and contributed five pallets of personal protective equipment. Participating in the collection effort were (left to right) Jason Stappenbeck, maintenance engineer; Eric Safarz, bioprocess training associate; Ethan Brown, maintenance engineer; and Dr. Caroline Smith-Moore, BTEC's assistant director, analytical (not pictured).

BTEC staff collected and contributed five pallets of gloves, lab coats, shoe covers, coveralls, safety glasses, and other items to the university's collection drive of surplus personal protective equipment (PPE) on Wednesday, March 25. BTEC was one of 22 research and academic teaching units across campus that donated items being collected for medical facilities in the region.

Wake County Medical Services trucks picked up the supplies late Wednesday from the university's Environmental Health and Safety Center for distribution to clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities in Wake, Franklin, Johnston, Lee and Harnett counties. The university drive was organized by Emergency Management and Mission Continuity Director Amy Orders, and efforts to provide needed medical equipment continue. For more information, see