Skills needed for biopharma careers the focus of BPD BioGrow symposium

Published March 2, 2020

John Balchunas, BTEC's assistant director for Professional Development Programs, will moderate a panel discussion at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center Tuesday, March 3. The "Faces of Success" panel is part of an afternoon symposium, BioGrow: Training and Education Across North Carolina. A former BTEC student who now works at Integrated Project Services (IPS), Srujan Bhagwat will participate on the panel, which will discuss how various educational programs helped students prepare for careers in biopharma. In a subsequent panel, hiring managers will share their views about the skills needed for a successful career in biopharma.

The symposium is sponsored by the Biomanufacturing and Process Development (BPD) Group, an exchange group through the North Carolina Biotechnology Center that provides a forum for scientists and engineers to discuss bioprocessing topics. Caroline Smith-Moore, assistant director for BTEC's analytical lab, is a member of the BPD Steering Committee.

The symposium provides individuals with an opportunity to learn more about North Carolina education and training opportunities in the area of biopharmaceuticals. Students of all ages and educational levels are welcome, including community college students, university students, and professionals looking for educational opportunities to enhance their career.

Participating organizations include  BTEC, BRITE (at NC Central University), BioNetwork, BioWork Program, Campbell University, NCBiotech, Alamance Community College, Durham Technical Community College, Forsyth Technical Community College, Johnston Community College, Piedmont Community College, Wake Technical Community College, and the American Society for Quality.

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