Congratulations, Class of 2019!

Published May 10, 2019

BTEC's 2019 graduating class
Among BTEC’s 2019 graduating class are (left to right) Filza Oberoi, Lu Peng, Caroline Wright, Srujan Bhagwat, Steven Brown, and Kyle Fabian.

BTEC celebrated its graduating class of 2019 with a ceremony Thursday, May 9. Two students, Colleen Duffy and Zhixiang Feng, graduated with a Master of Science in Biomanufacturing, and 10 earned the Master of Biomanufacturing: Aaron Anders, Srujan Bhagwat, Steven Brown, Kyle Fabian, Seth Fankhauser, Jillian Nyberg, Filza Oberoi, Lu Peng, Sheila Puspasari and Caroline Wright. Andrew Harmon and Jacob Hyman earned BTEC’s graduate certificate in Upstream Bioprocessing, while Rashmi Bhangale, Pamela Hondros and Jonathan Wright earned the Downstream Bioprocessing graduate certificate.

David Yarley, director of training and development at Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, was the keynote speaker. BTEC Rock awards, given annually to those who have made significant contributions to BTEC’s growth and success, were presented to Dr. Michael Flickinger and Chris Smith. Dr. Flickinger served as BTEC’s first director of academic programs until his retirement in 2018. Mr. Smith is the former assistant director of academic programs. Together they oversaw the recruiting, advising and graduation of more than 75 Master of Biomanufacturing students at BTEC.

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