BTEC provides leadership for Cell and Gene Therapy Symposium

Published Apr. 18, 2019

Caroline Smith-Moore helped lead a one-day Cell and Gene Therapy Symposium and Vendor Show April 11, 2019, at the NC Biotechnology Center in Research Triangle Park, N.C. Dr. Smith-Moore, BTEC’s interim assistant director for its Analytical Services Laboratory and senior scientist for cell line development, served as a program co-chair for the event and chaired the symposium’s afternoon sessions. The symposium was presented by Biomanufacturing and Process Development (BPD), an exchange group sponsored by the NC Biotechnology Center. Dr. Smith-Moore and Dr. Gary Gilleskie, acting executive director of BTEC, serve on BPD’s Steering Committee.

Sessions at the symposium included Adeno-Associated Virus Biology and Bioprocessing, presented by William (Billy) Kish, Ph.D., senior scientist for Gene Therapy Process Development with Pfizer, and Innovation in AAV Manufacturing – Vertical Integration and Continuous Improvement, presented by Jacob Smith, B.S., director of Process Development at ASKBIO. Dr. Kish, who holds a doctorate in chemical and biomolecular engineering from NC State, earned a graduate minor in Biomanufacturing from BTEC.

For more information about BPD, visit the NC Biotechnology Center website.