BTEC earns wellness diamonds and gold

Published August 30, 2018

Gold Well Wolfpack Certified badge

Wellness? Check! NC State recently named BTEC a gold-level Well Wolfpack organization for supporting its faculty and staff in committing to a healthy lifestyle, and the State Health Plan deemed BTEC eligible for a diamond-level prize for its efforts in supporting worksite wellness.┬áThe university’s award program, in its second year, recognizes NC State organizations for their efforts in areas such as emotional wellness, active workplace initiatives, and fostering a culture of wellness. Criteria for the certification are based on NC State’s six elements of wellness: purpose, financial, emotional, physical, social and community. Points are awarded for each certification level (gold, silver or bronze). BTEC offered a number of wellness initiatives including several fitness challenges, and to recognize employees’ achievements, a day-long relaxation station will be provided at the facility in late September. The State Health Plan's rewards program enables employees to choose rewards from a variety of fitness-related items.