Take a virtual tour of BTEC

Published September 12, 2017

Explore BTEC's labs in virtual reality

Wherever you may be, you can now visit BTEC through virtual reality. Our cell culture engineering laboratory, clean rooms for simulated GMP production, and other areas of the BTEC facility can be experienced online through a series of 360° panoramic photos posted on BTEC’s website. Since its recent release, the virtual tour has been seen nearly 250 times, and a related LinkedIn post has more than 6,000 views by individuals across the country, from San Diego to Boston, New York and Greater Philadelphia as well as the Raleigh area.

The tour familiarizes viewers with the biomanufacturing process, personnel flow, and some of BTEC's more notable features and equipment. Viewers using a mobile or virtual reality device can visually immerse themselves in the photos and see a scene revolve as they move their device, while icons in each image provide additional information about equipment and various aspects of the facility. With a desktop or laptop computer, the images can be manipulated with a mouse or pointing device for a similar you-are-there effect.

To visit BTEC in virtual reality, see