BioProcess International highlights BTEC and training in the biomanufacturing industry

Published Jan. 11, 2017

BioProcess International supplement cover

The success of the biomanufacturing industry relies on its ability to attract and retain a well-trained and motivated workforce that can adapt to new technologies and manufacturing challenges. Recognizing the importance of professional development, we are excited to announce that BTEC has partnered with BioProcess International to create a 32-page magazine supplement devoted to learning and development in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

We hope the magazine will catalyze discussion on how the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry can:

  • Foster partnerships to advance industry-focused professional development
  • Design in-house training programs
  • Measure the value of training investments, and
  • Explore academic models for biomanufacturing education

The supplement was distributed to BioProcess International’s 30,000+ subscribers in mid-December. If you are not yet a subscriber, you can read and download individual articles on BioProcess International’s website. If you’re interested in a print copy, pick one up at BTEC or contact John Balchunas, BTEC’s Assistant Director of Professional Development Programs, at