BTEC faculty organizing BPD Impurities Symposium

Published Oct. 19, 2016

BTEC’s Gary Gilleskie and Nat Hentz are organizing the Biomanufacturing and Process Development (BPD) Impurities Symposium, which will take place from 12:00–5:00 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 3 at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in Durham. Dr. Gilleskie, BTEC’s director of operations, and Dr. Hentz, assistant director, analytical lab, serve on the BPD steering committee.

BPD’s mission is to provide a forum for process development scientists and engineers to discuss bioprocessing issues. The group holds approximately six to seven events a season/year with speakers from academia, industry, technology vendor experts, and regulatory experts.

The theme of the Nov. 3 symposium is “Impurity Clearance and Detection in an Evolving Biopharmaceutical Landscape,” and the event will feature five speakers from industry. Topics include approaches to setting limits on impurity levels; impurity clearance for CHO-based processes; impurity clearance in cell therapy processes; impurities in plant-based processes; and solutions for host cell protein analysis in biotherapeutics.

For more information and to register, visit the BPD Symposium Eventbrite page.