BTEC to implement LZ Lifescience electronic batch record system

Published May 31, 2016

BTEC will begin using LZ Lifescience’s manufacturing execution system (MES) in our large-scale area, which will allow replacement of paper-based batch records with electronic batch record (EBR) capabilities. Use of EBRs is expanding throughout the biopharmaceutical industry, and implementation at BTEC is deemed critical to ensure that both NC State students and industry professionals have access to the latest manufacturing technologies in our hands-on learning environment.

LZ Lifescience will provide BTEC access to and training on its MES technology, Shopfloor-Online™ Lifescience Edition. Shopfloor-Online is a web-based product that has already been installed in facilities across the world. BTEC plans to first implement EBRs in our large-scale purification area, to support chromatography operations used in teaching NC State courses and professional development short courses.