Ready, set, learn! Professional certificate and 2016 short course schedule now available

Published Jan. 12, 2016

BTEC is excited to announce both the launch of its new Professional Certificate in Biomanufacturing Science and its 2016 short course schedule.

The new certificate program, earned by completing three courses from a specified list, will enhance your knowledge of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, no matter what your background. During 2016, special introductory pricing is offered: complete two courses eligible for the certificate program and receive an 80% discount on the registration fee for the third course! For more information, see the Professional Certificate page.

BTEC’s 2016 short course schedule includes new courses in single-use technology, LC-MS method development, and biopharmaceutical particle characterization. In addition, more offerings of some of our most popular courses are available. Registration is now open, so reserve your spot in one or more of these courses today!