Number of working professionals in BTEC graduate program grows steadily

Published Nov. 11, 2015

Working professionals now make up nearly one-third of the total enrollment in the BTEC graduate program, known as BIOM. Since the graduate program began in fall 2010, enrollment has grown from 6 students, 1 of whom was a working professional, to 30 students, 9 of whom are working in the field. In addition to working professionals joining the program, many students continue their summer internships into the fall semester and thus swell the ranks of employees in the program. A record seven students extended their summer 2015 internship into part-time or full-time work this fall.

Work experience in the industry is a vital part of the BIOM program and is required to earn a Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree. Both BTEC’s research-based Master of Science in Biomanufacturing and its non-thesis Master of Biomanufacturing are PSM degrees. Students who earn either degree complete both BTEC’s biopharmaceutical-based curriculum and bioscience-focused MBA courses. The number of Professional Science Masters programs offered across the country has increased over the past decade, and working professionals often comprise a high percentage of students enrolled in these industry-focused programs. Evening courses are offered for both BTEC and MBA courses in the BIOM program, which appeals to many working professionals.