Job seekers, companies pack BTEC ISPE career fair

Published April 7, 2014

More than 200 job seekers and 16 regional, national, and international biotechnology, pharmaceutical and engineering companies filled BTEC on Friday, March 21 for the eighth annual BTEC ISPE-CaSA career fair. Job seekers attending the invitation-only event included undergraduate and graduate students from NC State and five other universities as well as working professionals from across the state. The annual event has become a primary source of quality hires for a number of companies, with many firms participating in the event year after year. Job seekers attending are pre-screened for skills and abilities of particular interest to biotechnology and biomanufacturing firms. Held in late March each year, the BTEC ISPE-CaSA career fair requires applicants to submit their resumes for employer review several months in advance. BTEC boasts a placement rate of over 30% of those invited to the career fair. Thirteen of the 16 organizations recruiting at this year's event had participated in previous BTEC career fairs. Participating companies include:

Biogen Idec
Commissioning Agents Inc.
Fujifilm Diosyth Biotechnologies
Kelly Scientific Resources
NNE Pharmaplan
Novartis Vaccines
Novo Nordisk                                                                              
SpecLine Consulting

ISPE-CaSA is a volunteer organization consisting of technical professionals in the FDA-regulated pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical industries.