2016 Annual Report

This report describes achievements and activities from July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016.

In 2016, BTEC marks nine years of working to create a brighter future for North Carolina. This report highlights accomplishments in our three main program areas: academics, professional development, and contract services. See how each contributes to the success of the state’s citizens, businesses, and economy.

Academic programs

BTEC offers programs at the undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate levels for students with a variety of backgrounds including engineering, the life sciences, and chemistry. Undergraduates can earn a minor or certificate in biomanufacturing, and non-degree students can obtain a post-baccalaureate certificate. At the graduate level, BTEC offers two Professional Science Master’s degrees, a graduate minor, and two graduate certificates.

Enrollment – remains strong

2015-2016 academic year

graphs of undergraduate and graduate enrollment


2016 summer internships

21 undergraduate and graduate students participated in BTEC’s newly expanded internship program. Interns worked on research projects up to 29 hours per week for 12 weeks, May 16–Aug. 10.

Research projects spanned a variety of areas, including:

  • Analytical development
  • Upstream processes
  • Downstream processes
  • Operations/facilities

At the end of the program, each intern presented in a poster session.

Program completion – is growing

60 students graaduated with a minor from BTEC BTEC awarded master's degrees to 12 students in 2016.
Since December 2008, 299 students have graduated with BTEC's undergraduate certificate or minor.


Placement – stellar rates endure

97% undergraduate placement rate within six months of graduation 100% graduate placement rate within six months of graduation

Professional development

BTEC expands the expertise of biotechnology and biomanufacturing professionals and supports the industry through its professional development programs. The center offers open enrollment short courses and a certificate program, courses that are customized for organizations, seminars, and other events.

238 individuals participated in 13 open enrollment courses and 9 customized courses.

BTEC also provided training for the ninth cohort of U.S. Food and Drug Administration personnel. Each year, an average of 15 FDA eld staff complete a series of four courses in this training program, which was developed speci cally for the FDA and has been provided under contract since 2007.

Training participants by job function

chart of training participants by job function

Partnering with BPI

Throughout 2016, BTEC has collaborated with Bioprocess International (BPI) on an outreach campaign targeting industry leaders. The partnership, which focuses on the value added by education, training, and professional development, culminates in a special supplement in the December 2016 issue of Bioprocess International magazine.

Contract services

BTEC provides bioprocess and analytical services to help answer industry’s needs for process development, analytical testing and development, and technology evaluation. BTEC employs the expertise of its scientists, engineers, and operations staff to carry out a wide range of projects that require use of the center’s equipment and facilities.

BTEC completed 16 projects in the last year.


Photos from 2015–2016

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