Established in fall 2008, the BTEC scholarship program provides financial assistance to selected students pursuing a minor in Biomanufacturing. Currently, scholarships are funded by different firms engaged in biotechnology or pharmaceutical sciences and engineering (see list below). Requirements and awards vary based on the donor company, but all BTEC scholarships provide for multi-year awards.

Candidates for a BTEC scholarship are full-time NC State University students majoring in engineering or science. Candidates are considered during their freshmen and sophomore years, and scholarships are awarded in the junior year and continued until graduation. Awards may be renewed yearly or at defined times based on agreements between the donor company and NCSU Engineering Foundation. Funds are disbursed on a semester basis to the recipient's university account.

Scholar Selection Process

Students do not apply for a BTEC scholarship. Instead, the BTEC scholarship selection committee identifies recipients based on merit, needs, or other factors and requirements as stipulated by each sponsoring firm. Scholars are full-time status NC State University students who are enrolled in specific degree programs. The following degree programs are examples of targeted academic departments stipulated by the current scholarship donors.  Future scholarships may include departments not currently listed.

  • Biochemistry
  • Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Bioprocessing Science
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Microbiology

Scholarship Sponsors and Recipients

Firms sponsoring BTEC scholarships are listed in alphabetic order below, with recipients of their scholarship.

Sponsoring company Scholars

Biogen Idec


Catherine Longo (CBE)
Ngan B. Nguyen (CBE)
Clayton Shaffer (CBE), Fall 2014


Catherine Longo (CBE)
Ngan B. Nguyen (CBE)

Previous years

Vincenzo C. Caruso (CBE), Awarded: Fall 2012
Ngan B. Nguyen (CBE), Awarded: 2012
Ellery Ward (CBE), Awarded: 2011, 2012
Rachel Geiger (BBS), Awarded: 2011
Tyler McCaw (CBE), Class of 2011

Bio Merieux

2014–15 Lindsay Jones (BBS)
Jillian Nyberg (BME)


Stephanie Blanton (BBS)
Margaret Dickerson (MB)

Previous years

Stephanie Blanton (BBS), Awarded: 2011, 2012
Margaret Dickerson (MB), Awarded: 2011, 2012

EMD Millipore


Jesseeca D. Nguyen (CBE)
Lynde Ring (BBS)
Clayton Shaffer (CBE), Spring 2015

2013–14 Amanda A. Kaufman (BBS)
Jesseeca D. Nguyen (CBE)
Previous years Amanda A. Kaufman (BBS), Awarded: 2012
Jesseeca D. Nguyen (CBE), Awarded: 2012

Diosynth Biotechnologies

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies


Corey Cregan (CBE)
Andrew Ray (CBE), Spring 2015
John Ritter (CBE)


Juhi Fernandes (CBE)
Andrew Ray (CBE)

Previous years

Juhi Fernandes (CBE), Awarded: 2012
Garrett Pengelly (CBE), Awarded: 2011, 2012
Nick Butterbaugh (BBS), Awarded: 2011

KBI Biopharma
KBI Biopharma

2014–15 Victoria Hunt (CBE)
Morgan Kaman (CBE)


Victoria Hunt (CBE)
Maria Matkovska (CBE)

Previous years

Dylan C. Haskew (CBE), Awarded: 2012
Shannon J. Tuttle (BBS), Awarded: 2012
Aaron Anders (BBS), Awarded 2011
Dominic Brown (CBE), Awarded 2011



Ridge Butler (CBE)
Benjamin Knosby (CBE)
Jesseeca Nguyen (CBE)
Laura Sandtner (CBE)


Amy Lawrence (CBE)
Joseph Moo-Young (CBE)

Previous years

Bethany Brewer (CBE), Awarded: 2012
Haley M. Hanes (CBE), Awarded: 2012
Amy L. Madden (CBE), Awarded: 2011
Kimberly Diane Williams (CBE), Awarded: 2011
Kristy Layton (CBE), Awarded: 2010
Chris Hanson (CBE), Awarded: 2009

Novo Nordisk
Novo Nordisk


Vincenzo Caruso (CBE)
Nicholas Scarff (BBS)


Vincenzo Caruso (CBE)
Nicholas Scarff (BBS)

Previous years

Christopher Richmond (CBE), Awarded: 2012
Nicholas D. Scarff (BBS), Awarded: 2012
Andrew Mills (CBE), Awarded: 2011, Fall 2012
William McDanel (CBE), Class of 2010


2016–17 Caroline Fisher (CBE)
Colby Purvis (CBE)

Sartorius Stedim
Sartorius Stedim

2014–15 Megan Fruchte (BAE)
Mary "Katie" Kirkley (CBE), Fall 2014
Caitlin Kurtz (CBE)
2013–14 Megan Fruchte (BAE)
Caitlin Kurtz (CBE)
Previous years Caitlin Kurtz (CBE), Awarded: 2012
Megan Fruchte (BAE), Awarded: 2012

Steris Life Sciences
Steris logo

2014–15 Chloe Grogan (CBE)
Mary "Katie" Kirkley (CBE), Spring 2015
Chelsey Pitts (CH)
2013–14 Raul Doyle (MB)
Chloe Grogan (CBE)
Previous years Chloe Grogan (CBE), Awarded: Spring 2013
Raul Doyle (MB), Awarded: Spring 2013

Note: BAE is a bachelor's degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. BBS is a bachelor's degree in Bioprocessing Science in the Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences. BME is a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering. CBE is a bachelor's degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. CH is a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. MB is a bachelor's degree in Microbiology.

For More Information

For additional information about the BTEC scholarship program, contact Rick Lawless, Associate Director, Strategic Programs,